Pick the best hairstyle for men

1. Best Hairstyle for Thick Hair

Managing thick hair is all about maintenance. If you’ve got a lot of mop up top you’ll need to hot foot it to the chop shop on a regular basis. The good news is that you’ve got plenty of options for haircuts.

“Short and sharp cuts work really well, however long hairstyles are also good for thick hair,” says Robinson. “The weight when it gets longer will help with keeping it in place. Hidden internal layers are a good way to add shape to longer lengths and gentle texturising will soften the ends.”

So, if you are one of the lucky devils with thick hair, you’re able to master a man bun, bask in a halo of shaggy layers or rock a slick pompadour.

2. Best Hairstyle for Asian Hair

Because of this hair type’s density, vertical feats of hairstyling are trickier to master, so for ease, it’s best to work with gravity, not against it. “Sharp geometric shapes suit the Asian hair type as they will hang well with little-to-no styling. Short crops are also a striking look that suit this hair type.” says Lendon.

Try a short back and sides with length on top for minimal maintenance, or consider a longer fringe that can be swept behind the ears if you’re after more length.

3. Best Hairstyle for Fine Hair

“Men with fine hair should leave it longish to add to the weight to the hair as shorter styles will ultimately look like they’re lacking body,” says Lanzante. Sounds counterintuitive, but we’re siding with the experts on this one. In practice, ‘longish’ hair is considered ear to shoulder length, so layered millennial curtains or a mid-length swept back style are both great options to minimise the tyranny of lifeless locks.

4. Best Hairstyle for Wavy Hair

Leave wavy hair to its own devices and it ends up looking a bit of a mess, like you’re an extra in Game of Thrones. It needs purpose and direction. “The best way to style wavy hair is to go short on the back and sides and longer on top to give the hair some movement and shape,” says Woods. Messy crops or short, textured quiffs are your go-to.

5. Best Hairstyle for Afro Hair

The good news is that, thanks to its texture, getting afro hair to stay put is usually hassle free. No tedious blow drying once you’ve got the right cut. “Cuts for this hair type should create a shape that works with the curl pattern,” says Lendon. “Ask your barber to create a shape based on your curl type, which will dictate whether the cut is more round, square or faded.”

Those with wavier curl patterns can go for a blunt fringe and faded sides, and if you’ve got tighter coils try a short but squared cut on top for a modern take on classic 1990s styles.

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