Best Korean Restaurant in KL

1. Seoul Korea

Taman Danau Desa is no stranger to some of the best foods in town. Located on the first floor of a shop lot, Seoul Korea provides a good range of first-rate quality meat dishes. For instance, go for the succulent Dae-Ji Yang Nem Sa – grilled pork belly marinated with a homemade red sauce. What makes this place a popular dining spot is the wide selection of banchan (Korean side dishes). Here, you’ll find a mouth-watering assortment of kimchi, pickled vegetables, seaweed, okra, sliced mushrooms, sweet fried anchovies and peanuts and many more to complement your main meal.

2. Sae Ma Eul BBQ

Sae Ma Eul BBQ restaurant may not win an award for its bare setup, but it’s the food that keeps the crowd coming back. Firstly, the barbecue is done atop a wire mesh over a real charcoal flame. There are plenty of choices on the menu but if you’re a first timer, we recommend the barbecue set which comes with sliced pork belly, pork shoulder and baby octopus. One of their signature side dishes is the Choirutan Jumoekbab (spicy rice ball) which is a mix of rice, seaweed, sesame and gochujang (spicy Korean condiment) rolled into small balls and placed on the grill. This results in rice balls that are both sweet and spicy, complete with a crusty texture.

3. Daorae Korean BBQ

If you’ve been to Desa Sri Hartamas before, you would have noticed the abundance of Korean barbecue establishments in this neighbourhood. Among them is the ever popular Daorae Korean BBQ restaurant which is situated above Pasaraya Seoul Mart. This restaurant is known for their attentive, yet friendly service and marvelous Korean fare. Among the must-order dishes are the barbecue pork and beef. One thing for sure, the meat will be bursting with flavour once grilled to perfection and subtly charred around the edges.

4. Bambu Korean Restaurant

Bambu, not Bamboo, although the logo is a bamboo, is a simple and homey Korean restaurant located in Korea-town, Ampang. Now there are countless Korean restaurants around Ampang and standing out wouldn’t be easy. However, what makes Bambu House really special would be the extremely affordable pricing. On top of that, the quality of food and choices are pretty good so you don’t have to be stuck with just a few boring options. All and all, a solid, simple and affordable Korean dining.

5. Kilo Grill

Ah, the wonders of sweet and savoury marinated chicken, tantalizing Australian beef, juicy mackerels, scallops, prawns, and the ambrosial Iberico meat (priced individually). The choices coming at you will be endless, with no time limits or restrictions to how long and much you can eat; only your capacity. But how about the stigma that limitless orders usually ride the bandwagon with poor quality ingredients? Well, fret not as Kilo Grill aims to only roll out meat and seafood that will satisfy your palate under any circumstances.

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