Best Japanese Restaurant In KL

1. Izakaya Kushi Raku

One look isn’t enough to decipher this deceitful squid dish; instead, you will have to prod your cutleries into it to fully enjoy the sights of this intriguing dish. This rice stuffed squid is Kushi Raku’s creation that is designed to marry convenience and a happy stomach, ensuring your taste buds have a good time without feeling hungry after. The dish is moreish and filled with sweet and savoury flavours, thanks to a fresh source of ingredients and delicious sauce.

2. Sanuki Udon

A speciality in the Kagawa area, udon is a delicacy which involves silky and chewy white noodles. Although this dish is simple and plain, if perfectly cooked, it can be a gastronomic experience. This splendid dish can now be found in Restaurant Sanuki Udon. Even with a very limited and specialised menu, Sanuki Udon still has the ability to keep faithful customers who are infatuated with their freshly made noodles and toppings.

3. Iketeru

For all you sashimi lovers out there, Iketeru is the place for you. This restaurant is highly respected by many for their standards. If an ingredient is not at its peak of freshness, the chef will inform you and present you with other options. Because of this, you can be assured that whatever you’re getting will be as fresh as it gets. From premium slices of otoro and seasonal kanburi to Wagyu beef and cold soba, Iketeru oozes prestige with its hallmark offerings.

4. Ishin Japanese Dining

The one thing that would make a dish even better is if cheese is incorporated into it somehow. That is the case with Ishin’s Kaki Cheese Yaki. The name literally means Cheese Grilled Oysters, and it is a creamy heaven in a shell. The dish is served in the oyster shell itself of fresh chewy oysters with a concoction of cream, cheese, onions and mushrooms. More than a generous portion, having one is enough to sample its exquisite taste. Another popular dish is the Sakura Soba; soba noodles served on a bed of ice to stay fresh and a cup filled with soba with spring onions and wasabi served separately, for patrons to dunk the noodles in. The amount of spring onions and wasabi is according to individual preference. This refreshingly cold dish is just a joy to eat on a hot day.

5. Rising Son

The sizzling prawns here at Rising Son are beyond delectable and definitely worth a try. The prawns are deep fried beforehand to retain its juiciness and is served in a sizzling pan topped with creamy sauce that somewhat highlights the dish altogether as the herbs and spices taking up the creams would make a little dance on your tongue and in turn, it will make you dance as well. Jokes aside, this dish is worth every sweat there is on getting your hands on this beauty.

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