1. Brickfields Pisang Goreng

Located in front of One Sentral Coffee Shop opposite YMCA, this humble stall in Brickfields is one of the most famous and oldest pisang goreng stalls in KL with more than 30 years of history! The stall is always surrounded by customers who are waiting for their banana fritters to be freshly deep-fried on the spot. They insist on using only Pisang Raja to prepare the pisang goreng, because Pisang Raja is not only big in size, but also very sweet when deep-fried.

2. Fried Gold Cake

The most famous fried gold cake in Imbi area where located at ICC Pudu. Fried Gold Cake is a snack which contain of sticky rice cake (known as ‘nian gao’), yam and also sweet potato sandwich all together, coat with batter and deep fried to golden brown.

Fresh Fried Gold Cake

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