Golden Screen Cinemas (GSC)

However, the movie-going experience these days is on a whole new level thanks to the introduction of more facilities and services which has enhanced the quality of one’s movie experience. Now, when buying a movie ticket, the selection has expanded from a normal standard seat to Gold Class tickets (luxury), Premiere Class tickets (average), Platinum Class tickets, and so on.


Different cinema chains have their own class categories. To help you put things in perspective, we’ve categorized the different types of seats or class, under three popular cinema chains in Malaysia; Golden Screen Cinemas, Tanjong Golden Village and Cathay Cineplexes.

Golden Screen Cinemas (GSC)

Golden Screen Cinemas is one of the most popular cinema chains in Malaysia. It basically offers three movie classes as follows:

1. Standard Class


This movie class is for the standard theatre halls that accommodate connected seats. Ticket prices usually range from RM8 to RM15. The pricing is usually slightly higher during weekends and public holidays. Wednesday is a special day for GSC patrons as ticket prices are slightly cheaper than other days at most GSC chains. Standard Class tickets are available at most GSC branches.

2. Premiere Class

By purchasing the Premiere Class tickets, you get a more spacious and comfortable seat to enjoy your movie. The seats are positioned in pairs and are properly spaced out so you would not be disturbed by other patrons. Each seat comes with an attached tray on the side so that patrons can place their snacks and drinks there and be comfortable. Apart from these perks, you also get to enjoy better sound system and the comfort of more leg space. The Premiere Class auditorium has an attached lounge and toilets that patrons can use before the movie screening.

3. Gold Class

Unlike Premiere Class seats, Gold Class seats can be reclined and are in the form of highly comfortable and spacious armchairs. The seats are also properly spaced out, like the Premiere Class seats, but they come with a small table, instead of a tray. One table is attached to every two seats. This means that the seats are also positioned in pairs. The seats also provide extra leg space.


Each patron is provided with a complimentary blanket and pillow for extra comfort. In addition, you also get a complimentary drink, which is delivered right to your seat (choice of soft drink or water). A service call button is located on the table so that you can ring for the butler service every time you want to order extra food and drinks, which you have to pay for, of course.


Apart from these advantages, the hall also occupies limited seats so you are guaranteed more privacy, and you get to enjoy a better sound system than the Standard theatre halls. Gold Class cinemas also have a lounge area connected to the cinema halls for the exclusive usage of Gold Class patrons. The lounge area is equipped with sofas, a bar selling drinks and tidbits, free WIFI and a restroom. It is opened for usage 30 minutes before show time.

4. GSC Maxx

GSC Maxx located at Berjaya Times Square is the first IMAX theatre in Malaysia. The IMAX auditorium’s extra advantage, when compared to the standard theatre, does not lie in the seating, but in the audiovisual aspect of your movie experience. The seats are the usual standard seats, but the theatre screen is huge, spanning floor-to-ceiling, and wall-to-wall.


IMAX theatres also give you the advantage of higher quality pictures that are brighter and sharper when compared to the standard theatres. Apart from a better 3D movie experience, they also offer the more advanced 4D movie experience. These theatres also boast a more accurate digital surround system. GSC claims that its IMAX theatre is the largest 2D and 3D digital hall in Malaysia. The theatre mostly showcases educational titles and selected Hollywood blockbusters. Tickets are priced reasonably (considering the huge screen and excellent sound system) at around RM17 for adults and RM10 for children. GSC Maxx can only be found in Berjaya Times Square.



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